International Congress of Chemical Engineering, Seville 24-27 June

ANQUE, the Spanish’s leading organization for Chemistry and Chemical Engineering professionals, with over 11,000 members, has the pleasure to invite you to join us in Seville to discuss and learn about the new exciting frontier areas of research in chemical engineering.

Combining science -chemistry- with the discipline of engineering, chemical engineers have continuously improved our well-being since more than a century, designing and manufacturing materials and products essential to our modern society. ANQUE´s main aim is to promote and support professional development in Chemistry and Chemical Technology to move forward professionally and to enrich the world we live in.
ANQUE´s International Congress of Chemical Engineering (ANQUE-ICCE 2012) will be a national and international reference in the fields of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry applied to industry. The congress motto is “Innovating for the future”.

This congress, beside of the high quality academic level, will have a strong industrial participation. For that, a close collaboration with the Spanish Chemical Industry Federation (FEIQUE), the SusChem Technological Platform and the European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE) have been established.

All key areas for chemical engineers are included in the program. The congress will have a high number of oral communications (plenary conferences, invited keynotes and oral Communications) and poster sessions to favour the discussions and contacts.

The congress intends to have a global participation of the Spanish Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry at academic level, since we have contacts with the main Associations in this field and the Scientific Committee includes researchers and professionals from both the academia and the industry and thus we expect that they mobilize the whole sector. Furthermore we will also have the presence of public administrations and private associations interested in the fields of innovation and new technologies related with the chemical sector, as well as of private investors with diverse objectives looking for new opportunities.

Through the centuries the gates of Seville have been open to people from around the world, and this occassion, too, its ready to welcome the participants in ANQUE’s International Congress of Chemical Engineering. We hope that the complementary program being offered will facilitate networking and will contribute to the scientific success of the congress at the same time that will allow you to know better our country and our people.

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